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downHow to create a password protected page on Wapkiz
01 October 10:00pm #1
grandybigs  grandybigs
Post: 8
Wapkiz is improving everyday and by no time, it would be like our long lost wapka.

creating a password protected page is not a new feature added by wapkiz, but you can create it using one of wapkiz old feature.

Step 1:Add the below code where you want your user to input the code.


[br][br]Step 2: This might be a little confusing but i will explain it at my best. Add the below code at the page you want to protect your content.


Change 1234 to your password![br]
Kindly show appreciation by commenting here and share the post. If you encounter any problem, comment below.

Edited admin (01 October 10:21pm) [4]
Thanks: stop, Jibon9,
05 January 08:58am #2
Lordbright  Lordbright
Post: 15
Thanks Moderator!
13 January 12:52pm #3
Nyu  Nyu
Post: 1
Problem of WapKiz Limited visibility options for elements, only to four type of visitors (All, Logged, Nonlogged, Admin). Items visibility can not be set Country Wise, Time Wise, Browser Wise, Phone Wise etc etc. There is no Link Accessibility option.
19 January 07:58pm #4
wayesuloaded  wayesuloaded
Post: 6
Thanks moderator.

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